Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Baby Keepsake Jar

It's Craft Tuesday at What's Scrapping and I'd like to share this Baby Keepsake Jar with you. Create this special gift for the mommy to be.

I bought this jar at my local craft store. I created each tag in the computer. I used a dainty, pink damask paper as the background with black and white accents. Scallop tags were cut with a 2" scallop punch and hooked onto a ring. The tags inlcuded titles like: First bath, First smile, First steps, etc. where mommy can write the date on the back of each tag. I also created 12 square memory tags that are pre-printed with the following wording: 1-12 months, weight and length. All mommy needs to do is simply jot down baby's information for that month. I also included a special tin for to save a lock of baby's hair (a small vellum envelope fits perfect inside the tin to seal baby's hair). I created mini tags using a 2"x3" tag punch. They are blank which allows mommy to write down special memories of baby. You can be as creative as you want, even personalize it to baby's theme. Thanks for looking. http://www.simplycreatedesigns.etsy.com/

Sunday, August 28, 2011

sunday wall art 8/28/11

Good afternoon What's Scrapping!!

I'm just popping in to share my new wall art with you today!
I decided to make a canvas for my son's room......and I used some of October Afternoon's Rocket Age line.....such a cute and fun line.......

I'm loving the way it turned out....minus a few bubbles here and there! Thanks for letting me share with you today!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Burlap Wreath

Hi its Crafty Tuesday at What's Scrappin with a DIY Burlap Wreath to enhance your door. These is the easiest and cheapest way to spruce up your front door, you can create one for every season and holiday.

Styrofoam wreath
3 yards of burlap ribbon
paper flowers
text papers
vintage buttons
hot glue gun
home tag
pearl pin

How to:
To began, hot glue the end of the ribbon to the wreath and then begin wrapping it. Carefully wrap the ribbon around the foam, slightly overlap each "layer" so you can not see the foam wreath. Hot glue the last piece of ribbon to the back of the wreath. Now the fun part, began decorating. I used my MS butterfly punch from old text paper to create 7 butterflies and inked the edges. I used a dab Crafter's Pick glue to hold them in place. I inked the edges of a 7 gypsies HOME tag, and attach a pearl pin before gluing it down. Then I arranged the 6 paper flowers above and around the tag adhered them with a glue gun. I added a couple vintage buttons as the center for the flowers. You can atttach a small piece of ribbon (with glue gun) to the back of the wreath in order for it to hang on the door. You can create your design and change it up for the seasons! Enjoy.... Simply Create Designs by Denise.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday's Wall Art 8/14/11

Good morning What's Scrapping!

It's Jessica here popping in for some new wall art......

I made this canvas for my daughter using the Out of Print Kit and Add-On from Scraptastic Club. This one was super easy.

First I attached my background patterned paper with Glossy Mod Podge (this canvas is a 12x12). When it was dry, I sanded down all of the edges and then applied a top coat of Mod Podge. For the word "dream" I used my "Shapes" Cricut Cartridge and cut out the shadow of the word at 4", I then cut out the regular word at 3.8" (each one was done with a different patterned paper). I attached each layer of the word with my Mod Podge. I then added the butterflies, the "imagine you" title sticker and the rest of the alphas with Mod Podge. When it was dry I applied one last top coat over the whole thing, and when that was dry, I outlined everything, except the alphas, with a black sharpie.
That's it......see easy peasy!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saturday Sketch! ~ August 13th 2011

Welcome to the Saturday Sketch! 

This weekend we have a fun one!  It's right here..

 Here's mine!  (Amy)

And here's Michelle's!  
Have a happy Saturday!  :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Back To School Supply Cake

It's Crafty Tuesday at What's Scrapping. Recently, I have seen a few Back to School Supply Cakes on the internet and wanted to share my version with you. I cannot believe school started yesterday, the summer really flew by! My son began second grade and with all the recent budget cuts, the schools are relying on the parents to donate supplies. I decided to donate a little extra in a festive way.

2 Nesting Boxes
10 boxes of crayola crayons
9 glue sticks
8 liquid glue
1 box of kleenex
3 yards of ribon (any color)
1 sheet 12x12 scrapbook paper
1glue gun
3 mini binder clips and ribbon for clips

How To:
I stacked and glued the boxes down. Then I added each layer of supplies, you can glue them down to the boxes or tie with string, whichever you prefer. I did not glue the supplies down since I wanted them to still look nice once taken off. Then I added the Kleenex box to the top layer (wrapped it in nice scrapbook paper) andglued it down. I also created the signs and the cupcake toppers and wrappers to match. thanks! Denise from www.simplycreatedesigns.etsy.com

Tallyscrapper CROP PaRtY!!!

Alright ladies & gents we haven't had one in awhile so I think its about time we have another fun filled weekend getting our scrap on August 13-14th! Some of the games will start Friday so keep your eye out for that, and most of the challenges will last til Sunday the 21st for those who are unable to attend.

So Make sure you have your pictures, glue, paper, alpha's, embellishments, inks, stamps ,punches what ever else you need and of course a cold one!! Lock yoursefl in your room, corner, table whatever you have and put your DO NOT DISTURB sign up!

There are some fun games a new one that I am super excited to play for the first time! It will be hosted by our wondeful Tally Sister Leah!! its going to start on Friday so keep your eyes open for it! we will also be playing BINGO I will post the words up on Tallyscrappers.com on Tuesday am!! among a whole bunch of other games being hosted by your wonderful TallysScrapper DT!

And of course there will be PRIZES!!!!

Come stop by Tallyscrapper and come play with us its going to be a productive weekend!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Wall Art 8/7/11

Good morning What's Scrapping!

It's Jessica here with some new wall art. A long time ago I posted the name plaque that I made for my daughter.....well don't you know as soon as I made hers, my son was asking where his was. I've had the supplies for about a month (I know I'm bad) and I finally worked on it yesterday. So here it is:

I still have to add the clips in the back and I'm still trying to figure out what kind of ribbon I want to hang it on the wall with!

This one's real easy. I picked up the letters and the plaque at Michaels. I used some left over papers from the Surf's Up kit. First I traced all of the letters onto the backs of the papers that I wanted to use and then cut them out. I adhered the papers to the wood letters with Mod Podge. When it was dry, I painted the sides of the letters and the plaque with some blue acrylic paint. (I did 3 coats of paint on the plaque.) When all the paint was dry, I attached the wood letters to the plaque with Mod Podge. I then applied my top coat over the whole thing with Mod Podge.
And that's it! Easy Peasy!

Thanks for letting me share with you today! I'll see you next Sunday!

Friday, August 5, 2011

So Simple!

When Julie asked me to contribute to today's blog, it just made my day! I hope that you'll find what I have to show you inspiring and you'll want to try it for yourself!

I saw a sketch done by Liz Chidester over at Birds Of A Feather and for some reason immediately thought how kewl it would be to have a background picture in place of the background paper. The boys were on a deer outing so I was not distracted by the usual cry's of "What are we eating", or "When are we going to eat?" and started playing with this picture.

It wasn't long before I had it turned into a B& W printed transparency that looked like this:

I used PSE 8.0 but you could use what ever photo editing software that you have. I did up the contrast till the black was nice and black. I used the transparency sheets that have the rough on one side. You'll want to print on the rough side so you don't end up with a smear of a photo. I ran my transparency through the printer just like any other piece of paper. I did let it dry for a few minutes. But it was rough, I wanted to complete this layout!

I had been saving some papers and embellies from ADORN it for a Four Wheeling page and this was for sure the one to use it on. Or should I say the Four "Wheelering" page as the title says and that Rick's girlfriend Steph calls it.

I have a few more ideas for the use of the technique. Don't you think a family in transparency would be kewl in the background with the picture of a new baby in the foreground done in sepia would be a nice affect?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Decorations

Hi it's Crafty Tuesday at What's Scrapping and I wanted to post some decorations I created for a friends Party. These canning jars are inexpensive and are the perfect centerpiece for your outdoor gathering. I purchased the jars for only $1.00 at the craft store. The burlap is only 1.99/yard when on sale. I only used 1/4 yard on the jars. I just cut and measured the burlap to fit snuggly around the jar and sewed a quick stitch to create a tube. I simply made the pink roses out of satin material and attached to the burlap with a glue gun. I placed a tiny pearl in the center of each rose. Then I tied each jar with twine. Add water and fresh flowers for the perfect rustic girly centerpiece. I also created a vintage shabby chic banner to match for the honoree. You can view more of my items at www.simplycreatedesigns.etsy.com. Thank you, Denise.