Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Glitter Pom Garland and Cupcake Toppers

This Glitter Pom Garland is made from pink sparkle tulle. I wrapped the tulle around my hand around 6 times. Then I slipped it off my fingers and tied a small knot on the center of the tulle. I I cut each side with scissors and fluff up the sides. Then I used clear twine and a needle to thread each pom. I left about 12 inches on each side to hang the garland with. For the cupcake toppers, the poms are made in the exact same way. Instead of stringing the poms, they are attached to 4 inch candy sticks to create adorable matching cupcake toppers. Thank you for looking! Denise


Nathalie said...

So, so cute! Perfect for a little girl's birthday!

Marie Santillan said...

Adorable! Making sometoday

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