Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday Ad Inspiration

Hi Ladies, well its the time again to hear "Mom I'm bored", "there's nothing to do", "he is touching me" "he is looking at me" "its too hot", " Mom I'm bored" I know some of your kids are out of school already and hope its not that bad yet!! MIne get out Friday (Lord help me stay sane) I hope we still get some scrapping time with the rugrats running around keeping them entertained!
Here is the Ad Inspiration for today hope you like would love to see what you do so please post a link to your page!

Here is what Julie did...Here is Anna's fantastic job!!

here is mine also combined it with a challenge for TallyScrapper & LEO :)triple power baby!!

Have a great weekend see you next THursday for some more ad inspiration!

Michelle <3


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