Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Whimsical Princess Wand

This delightful princess wand can be used for photo shoots or the perfect way to add whimsy to your little one’s birthday party. It is super fast and easy to create and can be made as party favors for every little princess! First , I cut 2 pieces of double sided cardstock 12 x 2 inches. I accordion folded each piece which created two half circles. Then I glued the ends together to create a full circle. I attached a 2 inch circle to the back to create stability. I used 10 pink gingham ribbons about 2 inches long, folded and glued them to the center of the wand. A scalloped 2 inch circle was then glued to the center over the ribbons. I then attached the “Thank Heaven For Little Girls" metal embellishment (purchased from the local craft store) as the center decoration. I used a bamboo skewer (cutting off the point) and painted it a light pink. After it dried, I wrapped it with ribbon (make sure to add a small dap of hot glue at the top and bottom). Then attach the bamboo skewer to the back of the wand (in between the cardstocks). Finally, I tied pink tulle, cream and pink ribbon, around the skewer and that’s it ! I created a matching banner too, you can view it at www.simplycreatedesigns.etsy.com



Julie said...

this is just beautiful denise!!!

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